The Ivory Blades of Triss

Session One: Spider Luncheon

Kraxius, Cassiel, and Thornir met with Aliran, the leader of their chapter of the Ivory Blades. They were told that Simon was joining their group but that they were currently in jail after causing a drunken disturbance the night before. The available party was given the job to rid the Greenbear Inn of its new rat problem.

Upon arriving to the Green Bear Inn, the party discovered that there were rats AND spiders, which had followed the rats. They saved Pips Norentin, the owner, in the main room, who told them on two more employees downstairs. They braved the cellar, killed the rats and spiders therein and saved both Rennie and Spirit from cocoons where they were sure to be eaten. Rennie, thankful that you saved his life, gave you a map to the Armor of Invulnerability and hinted that there were rats there. Pips offered one night of free drinks, available whenever you’d like.

The rats had been brought by Letta, who was angry about Rennie sleeping with her husband. She had used a set of Pipes of the Sewers bought from the local magical thrift store, but they had been broken, causing the giant rats and spiders to come. After careful persuasion she gave the pipes to Kraxius, and Thornir mended them.

The group decided to take Letta to the jail, and see if they could get the rest of their party released at the same time…


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